Subway Surfers Hack- Get Unlimited keys and Coins

Subway is an endless running game and one of the most popular games to be played on Android Platform.  In this game, you will need coins and keys to complete levels and to buy some equipment, so that you can get a good gaming experience.  But sometimes due to lack of coins, it becomes tough to complete the level. It gets boring if you play the same level again and again to collect a sufficient number of coins. If you know some Subway Surfers Hack then it will get easy for you to play this game.

Subway Surfers Hack- Get Unlimited keys and Coins

Some hacks are always helpful and make it easy for any game you play. So here I am going to show some of the ways through which you can hack Subway Surfer game. These hacks will allow you to get more coins and you can easily finish the levels.

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Subway Surfers Hack through Cheat Codes:

These cheats will help you to play the game easily so that you can finish your levels and get new items easily. You may also have subway surfer hack tool but these process that I have provided are very easy and relevant to perform. So following are the cheats of different sections of Subway Surfer.


Jetpack jump is one of the important parts of this game. It is a glitch using a jetpack and through if you can jump at the correct moment.

  • First, pick up the jetpack.
  • Swipe up quickly a soon as it runs out of fuel.
  • Then you have to see that the characters jump in mid-air.

A Free Past Board:

  • Go to the device settings and change the time to May 30, 2013.
  • Then check the board section inside the game.
  • Check if the Miami Special board is available there or not.
  • If it’s available to use it.

Coin Doubler Jet Pack;

  • Get the power up sneakers.
  • If you are lucky you can find a jetpack and the sneakers are not deactivated.
  • The swipe to collect coins and you will see that the coins are loading in doubles.

Coin Accelerator:

In this hack, you can get a lot of coins and a Subway surfer newer updates to activate this hack to execute it. So you will get subway surfer cheat codes that will help you to play this game easily.

  • Open Google play.
  • And search with Subway Surfer cheats.
  • Click to install it and open it.
  • And at the bottom, you will see the option of free coins.
  • Then open the game and you will see that amount of coins have increased.

Invisible Board:

  • Lose in few seconds after start the game.
  • After you lose click on the mega headstart to activate it.
  • And when you land activates the hoverboard and sees that it is invisible or not.

Frozen Flyer:

  • First, start the run and die.
  • Use the mega head start after you die.
  • This will course the jet pack to fly at the same position when you will die.

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The above mentioned are the steps through which you can do Subway surfers hack. And can access many portions of this game easily and play it. These are very easy steps to perform so that you can play the game easily. Now it would be more fun for you to play Subway surfer with these hacks.

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