Top 5 Must Use and Best WordPress Plugins 2017

After the last article about the WordPress theme. Today, we are here to discuss some more essential part of WordPress, and that is plugins and may call WordPress plugins. To make the website or the web page suitable run,  better to perform, delightful web page and compatible to users. Then you guys were going to need the best WordPress plugins. Every site needs it because it plays the major role in developing the sites.

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

In this segment, especially the web developers are well known of the plugins. Web developers have always been thankful for WordPress plugins. The only way to develop the website faster is by using some of the best WordPress plugins. Plugins have perpetually played a rustic role in the performance of its websites. Plugins used for better function purpose. It helps to develop the sites to grow up and could take to possible high ranks in SEO. When users, uses plugins to their websites, it delivers effective results.

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About WordPress plugins:

Again, WordPress is a great platform for e.g. company profile, bloggers and more. WordPress plugins are mandatory for websites to make better SEO. Without WordPress plugins, the web page or website cannot develop. It is a great tool for extension of functions for WordPress. If you guys add these plugins which I am going to give in the below description, then it will help to form suitable websites for users to visit.

There are so many plugins are available on the internet. You can choose and download according to your use. Most of the bloggers need WordPress plugins. For almost every function and feature the website needs plugins. WordPress plugins are almost free for users. So, anybody could download it from the internet. Loads of multiple plugins for WordPress are available. But some plugins need to be paid or need to be purchased for full accessibility. Just keep in mind, to get the most of the benefits from plugins is by upgrading it, by taking the premium version for latest features needs to be installed.

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List of Top 5 free Best WordPress plugins for 2017:

1. Jetpack:

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Jetpack is a free plugin for use. Every WordPress websites must have the jetpack plugin for its success. Jetpack contains many features into it. One major point needs to have Jetpack plugin because the renowned WordPress software develops it.

Jetpack website appearance is full of beauty. It performs very well in the performance of the site. Jetpack manages the traffic growth. The optimization of images does pretty well. The site owner does not need to worry about the website because jetpack handles the site security with other effective features. It is also able to create a sitemap for the website to easily findable on search engines. Jetpack helps managing traffics to get the sites. Content published in websites automatically shared to the third party which jetpack normally does. It saves time in managing the website by monitoring every 5 minutes and notifies us from any threat. It is among the best WordPress plugins, that’s why it mage our list.

2. Yoast:

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Yoast plugin is very essential, most significant, very powerful, quick responsive. Every WordPress users have this Yoast plugin. Without Yoast, it’s never been easy to produce a quality article. Although, it allows the users to create an excellent, superb, quality article which is quite impressive. Yoast helps to make better content. It guides and improves search results for the websites on the ranking purpose. Technically it contributes to create a great and valuable content and maintain SEO friendly. To sustain at rankings or to achieve goals this Yoast will be truly helpful.

It will help you to choose a focus keyword before the article gets published. Yoast has the page analyzer automatically itself; it notifies if anything goes wrong whether article, text, meta description, images or other parts of the article. It has readability feature to make right content for the user. Helps in looks with a preview of the search results at creating or forming headings for the site. So this is among the best WordPress Plugins.

3. Social Icon:

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Social icons are most helpful for the website’s popularity. Normally the bloggers do what, mostly a blogger needs popularity to sustain on the internet and then so could earn more. To make the website popular is need to be promoted through various social sites such tweeter, marketing facebook, pin-interest, quora, Tumbler, youtube, etc. The social media became the most populated platform for the blogger or say the WordPress user needs it to promote their sites. In today’s modern world, the peoples prefer information regarding anything or any news through social media. Also, the social media marketing(SMM) is too much popular in these days.

WordPress users mostly use their respective and needy social icons on the websites. Social icons are free for the WordPress which us to display our selected or added social icons. Simply makes easy to use over 100 popular social media to the WordPress websites. The social icon can be customizable with different background layout of icons which can also be draggable and droppable. So this why I kept this plugin in the is of best WordPress Plugins.

4. Google XML Sitemaps:

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

Google XML Sitemaps is helpful for most of the searched engines on the internet. After the activation process of the Google XML plugin, it creates an XML sitemap for the websites automatically. It retains/retrieves the most effectively efficient results of a website through search engines. And it enables the search engines to do so. Google XML frequently shows the most searched engines by notifying at the website. It can be downloadable from the internet and at free of cost. Adding the XML sitemap into a website can be helpful regarding trafficking. But it will not boost rankings.

5. Wordfence Security:

Top 5 Free Best WordPress Plugins 2017

WordPress websites must have this Wordfence security to secure the entire site. In the internet world, there are numerous and huge amount malicious bots are present which can easily destroy the websites. The whole hard work and effort given to website can ruin any time. So, having Wordfence will keep the site safe and secure in every way to loose the data or the information stored in the web page.

Wordfence security protects the websites by many of its features like secure login, malicious scanning, firewall protector, traffic monitoring to data and even more. It is freely available to download from WordPress. To get the most benefit of Wordfence plugins to secure and heal the website, just get the premium pack.


Plugins are pretty much needed for a blog or Website so that they can manage many things and does better ranking in the search engine. These above-mentioned plugins that I have listed in my Top 5 must use and best WordPress plugins are the most impressive and popular ones. So you could try these for increasing the popularity of your site.

If you have any thoughts to share with us about best WordPress plugins then comment below.


  1. Mohit Singh says:

    Plugins does make sense for website to grow. Bro i loved your article.

  2. Have you tried Yendifplayer..I’m using it for my client’s website..which is one of the best wordpress plugin scripts I have seen…It is very cheap and it worth for its money..Functionalities and support they provide are awesome. Check it You can feel the difference….

  3. Danial Wilson says:

    Hey Mohit, All plugins are very essential for any WordPress.
    If you want to monitor and keep track of all the activities occurs on the admin side then you can try User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin. It provides a very easy user interface to manage your site’s user roles. It notified when a particular user is logged in, so you can track all users activity on your website easily. Check out here:

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