Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

Are you guys trying to start your own business? Don’t know where to begin. So, don’t you need to worry? Here is the best place to make something. And the platform is WordPress. Yes, the WordPress is the best and significant platform for the users, those who intend to make their websites. In WordPress, it so much easy as that everyone could go through it. I would say that everybody who desires to grow their businesses will need the WordPress. In the recent years, the WordPress been the most convenient and suitable platform for making the websites and blog in it, you will get some impressive WordPress themes free.

Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

Therefore, WordPress is too much popular in the recent years as a platform for your blog. The WordPress lets us design the websites through its various tools, plugins, themes and the other loads of special features which come for the better designing of the interface. Users prefer the WordPress due to its accessibility which allows the complete control. Here, in WordPress, there are some attractive themes that you can use for your website or blog. The user may get a load of themes offered by WordPress. But, I will show some of most compatible, accessible, beautiful, delightful and the most famous themes which could amaze you and our mind in making the websites attractive.

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List of Responsive WordPress Themes Free:

WordPress is one of the coolest platforms to where you can run your website. In it, you will get some of the most impressive and attractive themes according to the business of your Website or Blog. So following are some of the Responsive WordPress Themes for Free.


Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

The theme named Shapely is a lot popular among the users in the WordPress. It contains many customizing options that are unmatchable to any other themes available in the online market. Shapely is a free theme for the WordPress, and the best part of the Shapely theme is that it is very much advance. Shapely performance is undoubtedly outstanding and functional. If someone who wish to make the SEO reliable and for the best results in performance than it is the best theme for your WordPress site.

Shapely comes with unlimited color options and you can customize it in many ways. It supports most of the plugins to design the website with Jetpack, WordPress plugins, and much more available plugins online.

The shapely is a truely responsive theme, as developed for high performance and here, its flat design is optimizable for all smartphones. It’s been famous and is mainly due to perfect mobility service for its users. The Shapely interface in smartphones is admirable. And that has to lead Shapely to be a trend among WordPress theme.


Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

Zerif Lite is a free theme for the WordPress. It is operatable as a one-page theme. One of the most suitable themes in today’s modern age. The wooCommerce makes it more appropriate to develop the webpage. Always been worked perfectly on devices to provide user-friendly and fully responsive to give the best results. It is always mobile friendly to use.

To understand the very first thing to Zerif Lite, users could go for tutorial videos which guide the users to know in even more detail. Regular check ups and updates are performed to maintain the proper functionality.

Background images are customizable in Zerif Lite theme. To change the background, the user just has to select the media. And no other requirements of plugins needed.

Zerif Lite allows making live customizer to tune the website to make more comfortable for use. In real time, it allows the users to make changes in its looks. Google will definitely like your site due to Zerif Lite’s theme and its SEO friendly design.

The Zerif Lite contains mega menu which can be customizable according to the user. It allows to put slots for topics in the submenu and makes easy to organize and arrange in it.

3. NewsMag Lite:

Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

NewsMag lite is another impressive WordPress themes free and very responsive in use. It is preferred by a lot of the users and popular among bloggers nowadays. It has gained the popularity among its users. Newsmag has different popular blog styles that you can use for building your blog or website. It can be considered as the modern magazine. The Newsmag Lite is known for blogs, magazines, websites for news. On the devices like smartphones or tablet which are preferred by users in a huge manner in the modern world.

The new mag lite quick viewed and fast on the devices. Though the is theme is user-friendly and fully responsive and fully customizable. Different styles can be made for front page with slider, post banner block styles. Newsmag Lite offers lots of widgets which could use and helpful to customize the webpage. Newsmax also contains column footer, sidebars and more.


Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

Illdy is entirely based on frontend framework to make it easier on all Android devices from the bootstrap. It suites for business development, to make and creative websites online, and much more. Illdy has live preview mode which allows creating live websites on the internet. While making changes on the website to bring more beauty and to seem entirely real, the users could have this in real time in order changing the functions.

Illdy is a flexible theme and is incredible for the websites. The Illdy theme has the advantage of pliability, well documented, website themes are multipurpose and creative in WordPress. As easy to use for the user, even user-friendly to operate which completely free theme. Just go for it by downloading the most preferred theme Illdy to charm the webpage.

Illdy includes live customization of the websites with multiple layouts, shortcodes, icons, templates and much more. Illdy is a powerful, innovative and compatible theme for every smartphones and tablets.

Users could add plugins into it to make the website more suitable. Illdy is completely manageable from browsers and devices.So it is also one of the best WordPress themes free.


Top 5 Best Responsive WordPress Themes Free in 2017

Hestia theme is really a beautiful and perfect theme for the entrepreneurs. The small business and those has startups must go for the Hestia theme. It is available in WordPress and the users might be just one-click away to get the most responsive and quality theme which is the Hestia theme. It makes sense, or I might say that it does make sense and lets you feel personal. Hestia has the multi-purpose functionality of benefits for small business groups or companies due to its setups which are quick responsive and the user-friendly of its interface.

Hestia theme is interactable of WooCommerce in a major way. And that’s the reason one must go for this theme. It is so much elegant in the web development that could bring you profits for a very long time. Galleries, drop content and dragging are available to custom the websites. To speed process on the web page, the beginners might use tools for translation which comes with Hestia theme. Custom your background into settings by one click. Overall Hestia theme is powerful and fully potential.

The above mentioned are the best responsive WordPress themes Free that you can use to make your blog or website more beautiful and attractive. All these themes have a user-friendly interface that helps anyone to access it easily. The WordPress themes free are pretty much good as premium themes.

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