Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Have you become tired of work or not feeling well? Don’t you worry guys? I have brought up something special to make your mind. Which will make you glad and bring some cheerful smile on the face. So, guys let the Music take all your stress, pain or sorrows away. Just listen to Music and make your mind stress free. Music is the joy that could bring you happiness in life, and it will become more exciting with free music download. It makes your mind fresh to do something or allow you to think something. Music fills people’s mind with joy. It lets you enjoy, make you dance or even feel better.

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Users which having Android smartphones can have the all fun in their respective smartphones. Enjoy the music in your smartphones with playing on phones speaker, plugging it on the home theatres or listen to it through headphones. Let your heart to beat with Music’s every beat. Release yourself into music deeply. Allow heart & mind to dive into Music. Let your soul into peace to enjoy the Music.

So, here we brought you some free list of music apps for every kind of smartphones. Get all these free Music apps for smartphones which have unique features with rare functions and beautifully skins in it. Free Music apps for Android smartphones provides loads of Music tracks to play online. Users could download their favourite songs on their smartphones with the Free Music apps. Users will get a pack of albums, movies songs, solo music or duet tracks which are downloadable. Songs can be played offline too if already exist in the phone’s memory.

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Why use Free Music App?

Music is fun; music is a memory, music is pleasant and everything the listeners. It’s hope and joy to fulfil mind with happiness. Music opens the way to think people (users). It pleasures mind from sorrows and pain. Lets the mind to relax in peace. Music takes you to a different world where stress and suffering don’t exist. Music is passion, obsession, madness, for music lovers in their souls.

And if you are a smartphone’s user you would like to prefer most of the apps for free because Play Store provides both free music download app and paid app for which you need to purchase it. Then able to use it full functionally such as other alternate apps for Android devices. Music apps are easily downloadable from Play Stores. As these apps are free of cost, try it different by your wish.

Try different music apps in various devices to know its real pleasure. It comes with rare functions operate which allows managing the app individually. Multiple functions allow creating playlists, favourites, download files, etc. Allows marking favourite songs particularly inside music app. Sometimes some music apps are not available than have to download it from other sources. Depending upon the file is searched by the user. Well, Plays Store provides most of the music apps are free for download.

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List of Top 10 Best Free Music  Download Apps for Android 2017:

1. RockyMyRun:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

RockMyRun is a popular Music app for the Android users. Play the music on this app to enjoy songs. If you are doing something such as workout, jogging or some other exercises. RockMyRun would be the perfect Music app for you. Having RockMyRun app into smartphones will motivate your workout. It has top DJ touch specifications.

The best part of the RockMyRun app is playlists es given by the best craft of DJs from the world. RockMyRun app made for fitness music experience. And thus, it has made a special place in hearts. Listening to the music online allows downloading songs into SD memory card at the same moment. Upto 35%  level of encouraging seemed from the past surveys. It has a tracker called BPM, which response upon your heart beats. Mixes of tempo can be adjustable with your steps. Rock, pop, bass such kind of genres provides a lean and peace workout music.

2. Soundcloud:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Soundcloud has become one of the best of all time in music platform in the world. Loads of albums, live performance audio, etc. over 150 million tracks are available to hear. Discover yourself with bass, podcasts, jazz, soft or other various modes to make your mood. Soundcloud is known for its quality and has been the best free music download app for Android smartphones.

Users are allowed for podcasts & audiobooks to go through and share it with others while listening music. Get yourself connect with others by sharing music online where comment or like is possible. Make favourites tracks as you desire. Offline tracks can be playable after downloading it via online. Trending music, artists, top bands tracks are accessible from around the world and is available at SoundCloud music app. Download it from Play Store for free.

3. 4Shared:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

4shared is something special music app for Android lovers. And what’s makes it special so?

The 4shared comes with a combo packs, means a includes everything inside it. Such as music, photos, all sorts of documents, etc. Share and manage all your files via smartphones to others. Search your favourite music from the 4shared database which gives over 5000K tracks and more. It is one of the best compared to other music apps due to its huge music library database.

In your account, download music or add files for offline mode. Share files or documents or favourite tracks to friends. The 4shared app gives you data of 15gb into your account folder over online. Set filters to search popular music by type, bitrate, etc. for quick results. Downloaded files can be movable, remove, copy or such as more in the 4shared music app. The 4shared app is user-friendly to listen to music and lets you enjoy videos into smartphones by just adding files to account.

4. Google Play Music:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Google Play Music comes with Google apps in most of the Android devices. As it comes pre-loaded with Android devices, it does not need to be downloaded from Play Store’s instead just needs update sometimes. Search a bunch of music list 500k or more from Google Play Music database. It allows playing music online as well as offline. Go for your favourite song from device memory.

Subscribe to podcasts for free download service and millions of music to access in Android device. Connect members upto six to enjoy this app for enjoyment at low cost. Get the pro-membership for Youtube channel for free. Taste a load of songs according to your heart and fulfil it with joyness. Google Play Music have been a choice by many of its users as one of the best free Music apps. Different tags and categories are available to find out your most lovable song with artist, genre and many others options.

5. Spotify Music:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Spotify free music download app is majorly famous in US countries. Its music library has a large collection of different artist globally. Also, in some countries like Newzealand, Australia, European and Asian regions are available for Spotify music app. Listen to your favourite albums, artists and personalise them with your own. Spotify app has beautiful skins packed into different players.

Share and send songs to others via wifi or Bluetooth after downloading any particular song into a device. People loves the Spotify music app because of its free service and allows to have its basic features for free. The free download is available for Android device. Enjoy your desirable songs without having any interruption from ads. Even, also available for tablets or PC’s. Get the premium version to enjoy the amazing high sound.

6. Gaana App:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Gaana app is a commercial music player. With collection over 10 million songs in Gaana database, you can meet your favourite one of all. Create your playlist based on your favourites. Here, English, as well as Hindi songs, are available to play on at free of cost. Gaana music is available to entire worldwide users. It includes major 21 languages in India for music. Allows making public playlists to share or send to others. Large collections of music are downloadable and playable at any moment.

It also, includes online radio stations. Select any duet songs, dance songs, ghazals, or more for dedicating to someone your friend or family members. Synchronise yourself or to your Android device with upto five more devices.  About 10k of playlist curated mostly by experts. Takes attention of users towards it. Gaana music app is still trending from all.

7. SongilyApp:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

The Songily app is one of the popular among other free music download app for its large amount of downloads. Nowadays mostly preferring Songily music app. Its skin design and production of sound quality are massive. Download the Songily music app for free from Play Store and install on an Android device. It makes sense to its users. Delightful functions and a beauty design make your heart beats up. Select top charts from its online store to get the most of the trending music.

Play music online and download it at the same time from Songily online database. Accurate music is searchable for Android lovers.  Music will be played at background playback settings. The users can convert audio or video for better conveniently suitability. The video is manageable from a separate converter. The inbuilt download manager is available for ultimate downloads by the user.

8. Super Cloud:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Super cloud music downloader is great and best free music download app for android devices. Downloading is easy with super cloud music app just song name or album to reach favourite/popular song. Enjoy any mp3 song on Super cloud music downloader by simply download lots of Bollywood songs or movies. The search will show up different music from various fields.

Android users below lollipop 5.0 can download and install the Supercloud app into their smartphones. Stream any music from online for free of cost. Before downloading any file (songs), the user can have the preview music to listen. Nowadays it is not available in Google Play Store. So, users have to download it from other sites or different stores, just by searching on searched engines.

9. Skull Mp3 Music App:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Skull mp3 music app is a pro downloader where you will get free music download for Android devices. Depending on the search query of your favourite music in Skull mp3 music app search engine. It opens up with a default player of music where you can listening and downloading is possible. While listening to your favourite songs at Skull mp3 music app, you can set your ringtone.

Shuffle the songs when having the mood to jump song to song without going in ascending order.  Send or share any tracks to friends from music player backgrounds the moment running music. Go for Pro-Skull mp3 music downloader to get its latest features with specific functions.

10. Wynk:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017

Wynk music app has the immense popularity among its users. This is a free music download app but only for one month. The user can get six months free subscription which allows to airtel connection users. Else, the users have to pay for full accessibility to Wynk music app. Hindi music lovers go for Wynk music app because it has loads of albums, Bollywood songs to remind of love, joy and happiness.

Over 10 millions of download with no doubt and user preference rating upto 4.1. Wynk music library includes most of all the genres of languages in India such as Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati and even more. Unlimited availability of songs to listen. So, why to wait just grab the Wynk music app in your android device.


The above written are the list of free music download app through which you can download songs according to your choice. Each of this app has their unique qualities and features so that you can download music easily. These mp3 downloader apps are very much reliable in use. So now it would be easier for you to download music and store it on your device.

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  3. Music Paradise Pro is an application which lets its users download music for free. We can listen all my new track here. And I never tried it gona try it Thank you Anita Paul

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