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Fans of cricket are still in doubt about the fact that what is the Top Live Cricket Streaming Site? Cricket is one of the most popular games played by different countries internationally; people love this game for the competition and the team effort they see in every match. It is being played in different high-profile stadiums around the world and being telecast by various TV channels and online websites. People love to see this game played on their TV or any other way possible. As it is not possible for everyone to visit the stadium and watch the game live. So technology has found out ways so that the fans of this game can see their respective teams play from anywhere anytime live.

Top 5 Best Live Cricket Streaming Site

There are many live cricket streaming websites available on the Internet but some of these websites have problems when you try to stream live cricketing videos online. Some of these sites delay the streaming or lost sight of the game on many occasions. Here is the list of websites which you can rely upon for better online streaming of the game, where you can find the stats and commentary with live streaming of the game.

5 Best Live Cricket Streaming Site:

The game of cricket is a very interesting thing to watch, without any interruptions and delay. So below is the list of various websites which are reliable for watching live cricket streaming.

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1. is a very popular website for sports all over the globe. Here you can catch all sporting action on this website. This website also streams live cricketing action from all around the world. It streams cricket under the instructions of ICC, BCCI, ECB, CA and also some very famous domestic tournaments brands. The Indian subcontinent is the largest viewer of the game of cricket. And with the increase in popularity of IPL and other domestic and international league attracted more viewers towards the game of cricket.

The website design is very clean with the nice graphical representation of the games stats, scorecard, wagon wheel and many more information about the game give the viewers an amazing experience of the game. There are comprehensive highlights of each game and the option to play replay the entire game gives the users more fun about the game. So starts sports is reliable for watching live streaming of the game.


TenCricket is a big sports channel and website owned by Sony, and it is responsible for promoting various sports all over the globe. This website is very popular in the Arab world, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Now it is gaining popularity in Canada and Singapore for promoting and live stream of cricket. There is an option for live streaming of cricket on this website. And you must have an account to access the live streaming of the game.

This site produces quality streaming of the game of cricket depending on the internet connection on your device. The website is organized with very impressive effect on the viewers and they are amazed by the stats and videos presented by it. In this website, you can also spend time by watching cricketing videos on a non-match day. So this is one of the best options for watching cricket live.


Espn is one of the most popular sports promoting channel and website in the world. It is known for promoting mostly football and major league Baseball in America. If you are mad about cricket and want to watch the beautiful games stats in some part of America then tune into the live cricket streaming services of Sony Six and Sony ESPN. These channels are exclusively available for American residents who love to watch this beautiful game of cricket. The website of ESPN is beautifully managed and can be accessed by anyone in the world easily.

You can watch live scorecards, news with snapshots and hot topics about cricket from all around the globe. You can also get the analysis report of the match with experts giving their views on the topic. So this a relevant website for live streaming of the game of cricket.


Supersports is another big platform for broadcasting cricket in the world apart from Rugby. This channel streams free cricket online for a few African countries. The website of this brand is amazing with huge quality content which has gathered this website a reputed place among other big channels all over the globe.

Various languages have been used in the live streaming of cricket such as English, Zulu, Portuguese etc. The website of this channel is clear and the graphics are light. And every sport is categorized in different slots of the website. This site maintains both quality and quantity of the content and streams every match that happens under ICC all over the world.

5. Ditto TV:

Ditto TV has over 10000 hours of content, which is impressive for a new website. This application is owned by ZEE entertainment and is available on all the leading platforms such as IOS, Android, and Windows. You can also access this application for cricketing information in the United Kingdom, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, and Pakistan. This application gives us a good quality of video streaming for watching cricket.

An easy programming guide is also available with this application so that anyone can access it. You must have to pay to watch some live streaming through this app. And the payment gateway is also being set up in this application. So this is not that much great kind of application but you can use it as Live Cricket Streaming Site sometimes with other videos.


Live Cricket Streaming Site is very necessary for people who are not in front of the television all the time to watch their favorite game. There are many websites available on the internet which displays live streaming of the game of cricket. Here in the above written I have mentioned top live cricket streaming site that will help the fans to enjoy this game anywhere if they are connected to an internet network.


  1. also providing live streaming.

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