Weebly vs WordPress for Blogging – Best CMS for Blogging

Weebly and WordPress are the most popular website building platforms right now. But most people try to compare both of these platforms and tries to bring out their differences. First I will try to figure out the crucial differences of these two website builders in this post for Weebly vs WordPress.

Weebly vs WordPress for Blogging

Weebly has a drag and drop feature with a visual interface to built a website. When you will try to build a website with it then you have to see the main website building elements and then drag and drop it on your website area from the toolbar. On the other end, WordPress is a CMS and you will not get this visual interface? These are the two main differences between Weebly and WordPress that anyone using these platforms needs to know. So they can develop an amazing website. Here I will be presenting more differences between Weebly vs WordPress for blogging.

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Weebly vs WordPress for Blogging:

Features of Weebly:

It is popular around the world as the simplest way to build a website and some of its amazing features make it better than another platform. And following are the features of Weebly.

  • The drag and drop feature present in it will help you to build a website easily. these elements that you will drag and drop will be photos, videos, text, columns, etc. only you have to drag them to the website sector and click on them to edit them.
  • In Weebly you will get hosting, cloud hosting facility is very secure and is provided in your account. It has a managed hosting and you didn’t have to do anything to manage your hosting.
  • It has in built content management system that enables its users for blogging. You can use the drag and drop feature to built a good content.
  • It is not that much good in search engines due to various factors.
  • It has recently launched its E-commerce option that allows you to make an online E-commerce store for your business.
  • Weebly will charge you to $25 per month for a full E-commerce solution. It will also include $8 per month for the pro plan that will provide you with features such as password protection.

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Features of WordPress:

May be WordPress is not that much easy for creating a website easily but it is one of the easiest open source content management system. It also has some other features that make it so useful to run a blog. So following are the features of WordPress.

  • It will offer you with the best content management system and it is very easy to develop a content in WordPress. In WordPress Post and pages you can add text, photos, videos, quotes, etc. for building up a good content.
  • It will help you to expand your website hosting and as it is an open source content management system, it can be installed on as many websites as you want.
  • WordPress is originally developed as a blogging platform and is still the favorite of many bloggers around the world. It provides you with full command over your content, blogs, tags, and categories.
  • It is known to the best platform for doing SEO, only you have to install a plugin in it and your SEO will be done easily.
  • This CMS is also the best base for creating an E-commerce company only you have to install the Woocommerce plugin that will help you to make your e-commerce website.
  • You will get all the solutions of your WordPress website in their official website WordPress.com.

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So the above written is the differences between Weebly vs WordPress and from here you will get to know which one is better for you to use according to your need. Both of these has some relevant qualities and has some features that will be needed for different uses.



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