WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce – Best E-commerce Plugin For WordPress

Confusion about WordPress commerce plugins while using? If really bothers then today’s article is about the differentiation between the WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce plugin. But at first, know some details about the topic in few lines. WP eCommerce vs WooCommerceWP eCommerce is one of the best plugins to sell anything anywhere such as electronic funds transfer, automated data collection system, online transaction processing, inventory management systems, electronic data interchange, supply chain management, mobile commerce and Internet marketing. And the WooCommerce is popular eCommerce plugin designed for large and small both size online merchants using for WordPress.

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Basic Comparison Between WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce:

WP eCommerce:

WP eCommerce is very robust and powerful plugin. It is totally free charging plugin. You can sell anything quickly and easily through by the using eCommerce.


WordPress WooCommerce is a popular well-known plugin for using online marketing. WooCommerce collaborates you to manage, create and build a store which is based on WP eCommerce. At initial start-up, it charges is free of cost. So you can just install and begin to use it.

Customization Of WordPress eCommerce website vs WooCommerce:

WP eCommerce:

The WP eCommerce provides amazing and various consultancies. These consultancies will help and supports it’s less advanced to users who need customization.


You can quickly and easily edit your WooCommerce loaded store features and enables customization of WooCommerce. Also, create pages from a custom category for the WooCommerce Plugin. It provides an unlimited collection of many apps in the module.

Comparison Of Payment Process For WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce:

WP eCommerce:

The WP eCommerce has various options for the payment gateway at online. These options include LinkPoint, Authorize.net, and DPS. Also can be done through internet bankings mode.


It accepts the online transaction from credit cards such as an American Express Master Card, JCB, Diners Club and Visa Card. Within two business day, your required funds will be automatically deposited into your merchandise bank account.

Comparison For Shipping Of WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce:

WP eCommerce:

You can get on this platform at flat rates, table rates shipping calculators, and depend upon weight rate. Presently it will connect to users real-time shipping rates with UPS, Australia Post, USPS, and Shipwire. They can also prefer  FedEx WordPress premium plugin.


You have to access the shipping rates with the help ofWooCommerce advanced shipping and it is based on its own

Compare To WordPress ecommerce plugin vs WooCommerce:

WP eCommerce:

At this time WP eCommerce offers you essential support for WML and qTranslate. For a multi-lingual project, which is exciting and this project is coming soon. The project called is Babble.


WooCommerce is the highly consistent plugin for WordPress. You can turn the site quickly with the installation WooCommerce plugin and with a great feature complete online store.

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The difference between WP eCommerce vs WooCommerce is discussed step by step from basic to ship process. The Woocommerce plugin can be helpful to develop, maintain, manage and create an online shop. So before using both plugins in WordPress know and read all its information that I have provided here. If satisfied then don’t forget to comment us.

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