How To Zip Files In Mac OS X Using Extract And Compress

Hey guys, how are you? I think you are good. So today I will discuss one amazing conversation. One day some of my neighbors just ask me that how to zip files in Mac OS X. Then told them that one day I will clear this query by posting on my website at without any problem. Zip Files In Mac OS XActually, this type of question seemed that numerous people do not know. Although you get many compressing apps for the mac’s developed by third parties at low cost and even for free also. Itune offers numbers of zip as well as unzip apps. The OS of the Mac itself supports system for compression which comes inbuilt. Below, here’s the answer to clarify the doubt for creating zip files.

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How To Create A Zip Files In Mac OS X:

Below are some steps to use for creating zip files in mac os x for the folder, files or both. Most suitable for compress large files Mac.

1. 1st you can locate an item in the zip files in a Mac finder.
2. And now you can right click on a folder, file and that file or folder that you want to create to zip.
3. Now you can prefer the “Compress Items”.
4. Now you can find out the freshly created the zip extracts in the unchanging directory.

If you want to zip any file individually, then archive the zip will keep up an approved name of the file but affix the zip enlargement.

Whenever if you want to zip more than individual file then zip archiving will be having as a name is “Archive Zip” and if the various archive is set up and there will have a name respectively “Archive” and unusually on.

These work well in all variant of the OS X and here you can connect the compressed item opportunity from right click on your device mouse and control click with your device keyboard or click two fingers on the trackpad from your Mac device.

Extract Zip Archives:

Extracting any Zip file is too easy, you just do double click on the archive and it will open automatically with the utility archive in unchanging folder archive is stocked in. Now I give you one example to open zip file Mac so please kindly look here if you want to extract an archive the named “Zipped” in your device ~/Downloads /Directory, and the results extracted folder or file would be the name “Zipped Sample” inside the same as ~/Downloads/ Directory.

Create Zip File From The Command Line:

Are you not excited about using the usual finder and folder or file system access? The zip archives also can be set up from Command Line by the zip folder Mac terminal command “zip”. You just see the syntax below “ZIP ARCHIVE. ZIP FILE. TEXT”.

One more easiest way to create the archive from Command Line is into the use Terminal’s drop and drag support, now you can type out ‘Zip’ as common but later drop into the folders to abbreviate in the window from the terminal.

If you want to unzip from a command line is quite easy. You can just follow this syntax “UNZIP TO ARCHIVE.ZIP”.

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This post will be helpful for Mac users for creating/making zip files in Mac OS X or how to zip a folder on Mac. Eventually, on other hands unzip files also with command functions as I have provided in details. Hopefully, my answer on the matter is solved for you and if satisfied you then don’t forget to share your experience with us in a comment form.

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